10 Essential Accessories For Your New Camera

Are you interested in buying some practical accessories for your new camera? If you are, you should know that we’ve compiled a list of 10 essential accessories for your new camera. Buy one, a few or all of them in order to make your entire photography experience more convenient, successful and fulfilling…

1.) Treat Yourself to a Camera Bag

Camera bags are great buys because they protect cameras from shocks, dust and damage, as well as moisture. Also, if you’re someone who tends to collect accessories, such as lenses, you’ll find that a good camera bag is a great place to store them. You may go for a classic and traditional camera bag or choose a backpack style which is good for carrying photography gear over rougher terrain and/or longer distances.

2.) Invest in a Tripod Head

Tripod heads are components which go between cameras and tripod legs. Usually, tripods are sold in kit form and they do come with tripod heads. However, it’s also possible to buy components of tripods separately. If you do choose to buy components separately, you’ll be primed to find a tripod head which is just right for your shooting style. Ball heads are great choices for macro and still life photography, while 3-way tripod heads are better choices for landscape photography.

3.) Choose a Remote Release Accessory

When you buy a remote release accessory for your new camera, you’ll be able to trip its shutter without needing to touch your camera. This is a helpful feature when a camera is set up on a tripod and you’re using longer exposures. When you use the remote release, you will not bring camera shake into the picture! Also, a lot of remote release accessories function as bulb timers which give users the power to take exposures as long as half a minute in duration.

4.) Buy Some Extra Lenses

Extra lenses are something that almost every avid photographer collects and you may want to do it, too. When you bought your new camera, it probably came with a typical zoom lens. This is a good lens, but you may want to branch out and find a lens that is a bit wider, so that you can get more from landscape photography or interior photography.

Also, you may want to think about a telephoto lens which gives you the capacity to create tight frames while shooting action subjects. There are tons of lenses out there. Check and see what’s compatible with your make and model and then go from there.

5.) Filters Are Smart Purchases

Filters of the natural density type are very popular these days. They allow users to take long exposure shots when it’s bright outside…and blur the water movement and cloud movement in landscape shots. As well, filters work wonders when it comes to shooting with really wide apertures in the brightest daylight.

6.) Is a Lens Hood Right For You?

A lens hood is used in order to shade the anterior elements of a camera lens. The shade prevents flare. However, some cameras don’t come with lens hoods. Luckily, it’s possible to find them after you buy. If your camera doesn’t have this type of hood, you’ll find that investing in one helps you to get better results during shoots. Proper fit is important…keep this in mind while you’re shopping around.

7.) Purchase a Flashgun Accessory

If your new camera comes with a pop-up style flash, you should know that this flash is great in terms of adding some light. However, a flashgun accessory will give you better results. To use a flashgun, mount it upon the hotshoe of your camera. It’s also possible to fire it remotely through a wireless connection or a cable. Look for a design that works with the metering system on your camera.

8.) Choose a High-quality Tripod

Tripods are essential because they hold cameras at ideal angles and keep them completely still. If you want images which are super-crisp and super-clear, you’ll find that investing in a tripod is the key to improving your still photography skills in no time flat. However, we recommend buying a tripod which is sturdy and highly-rated. Don’t settle for a flimsy, cheap design.

9.) Select Sensor/Lens Cleaners

Your camera needs to be cleaned regularly in order to function at its best. In particular, the lens and sensors should be cleaned carefully. When you buy sensor/lens cleaners, you’ll be able to keep your camera in peak condition. Usually, cleaning kits for lenses and sensors consist of small vials of cleaning fluid and cotton swabs. Look for a cleaning kit from a trusted manufacturer.

10.) Purchase a Flash Diffuser

A flash diffuser is practical in terms of softening the harsh light from a flashgun. If you’ve decided to buy a flashgun in order to to add light, fill in shadows and make portraits more lifelike, you should know that a little piece of clear plastic (a flash diffuser) will be able to make light from a flashgun a lot more flattering.

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