Discover the Nikon D7000

If you want a high-quality camera which is a high-end model, with all of the bells and whistles, then you’ll enjoy this Nikon D7000 review. Today, we’re going to share a host of important facts about this impressive camera. We’ll talk about its main features, as well as its pros and cons. Our goal is to help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Main Features of the Nikon D7000 Camera

This camera comes from the team at Nikon and Nikon is a brand that we really trust! Nikon is a Japanese firm which has been producing products since 1917. Today, the company is committed to utilizing technological advancements in order to offer consumers cameras which are right on the cutting edge, yet so easy to use.

When you choose the popular Nikon D7000 camera, you’ll access 16.2 megapixels for ultra-crisp and vibrant image resolution. It’s a DX format design with a CMOS sensor. It’s also equipped with video capability, so you’ll be able to shoot movies in full 1080 high def! Video may be shot with “full-time” autofocus.

As well, this camera features 6 fps continuous shooting for up to one hundred shots. If you want to hone your skills as a photographer, you’ll find that this camera provides all of the tools that you need. It’s designed to help you express yourself through still shots and video.

Also, we love the compact size of this camera. It’s comfortable to hold, even during long shoots. Since this camera is feature-packed and has such as sensitive sensor, and also provides quiet operation, it’s designed to boost the quality of your photography and videography, while also being fun to use.

The sensor of this model is engineered optically in order to gather lots of light. The Nikon D7000 features NIKKOR lenses for the sharpest clarity. As well, this model comes with fourteen-bit A/D conversion which is twelve-bit selectable. If you want gorgeous images which have plenty of detail and richness, you’ll find that this camera offers a whole new plateau in DX performance!

Capture Every Special Moment

This camera is amazingly responsive. Its high-tech driving mechanism means near-instant setup time and a release time lag of only .052 seconds. When you choose this model, you’ll have the power to shoot continuously at six frames per second, whether you choose fourteen bit or twelve bit A/D conversions (for RAW shooting).

In addition, the Nikon D7000 will offer you superb control. Its sensor (2.016 pixel RGB) will read the lighting data for any scene and the camera will then cross-reference this information with a host of imaging data. The camera will utilize 3D Color Matrix Metering in order to provide exposure results which are true to what you see through your viewfinder.

If you want to capture an ideal interplay of shadow and light, even when lighting conditions are less than ideal, you’ll find that the camera’s 3D Color Matrix Metering system really delivers. As well, this system ensures incredibly accurate I-TTL flash exposures. The camera analyzes and adjust in milliseconds, so you’ll be able to shoot fast, with impressive precision.

Pros and Cons of This Model

This is a high-end model which offers plenty of pure value for the price. We like its 6 fps quick shutter, as well as its video recording system, which is high-def and equipped with 1080p performance. As well, we love the quiet shutter release and the camera’s two slots for SD cards. The “one hundred percent” viewfinder is also a big bonus.

No camera is perfect. In terms of drawbacks, this model isn’t a large camera. It’s compact and this is good for comfort and portability. However, it’s fairly weighty for a compact design, because it’s body is crafted from Magnesium Alloy. As well, it will shoot at 6 fps, but its buffer tends to fill up fast, so it won’t shoot at this setting for very long. This may be a problem if you’re doing sports photography and you need to let the camera’s system clear a bit before you take more photos. It’s possible that you’ll miss some shots while you wait.

With other styles of photography, this small disadvantage probably won’t be a big deal.

Overall, this camera offers five-star performance. It’s easy to use, it’s packed with features which help photographers/videographers to capture what they see and it’s a beautiful camera which is a strong seller. It’s got all of the quality and ultra-modern technical features that Nikon is known for producing.

If you want the best, the Nikon D7000 is definitely a camera which belongs on your short list!