Get the Inside Scoop on the Canon EOS 800D

If you want a high-end camera which makes it easy to take superb shots, day in and day out, then you’ll benefit from discovering the Canon EOS 800D. It’s a solid pick with so many great features! Today, we’re going to walk you through the main benefits of this model and also outline its pros and cons. We want you to get the inside scoop on this popular digital camera, which comes from the trusted team at Canon. Canon is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic products and the company has been around since 1937.

The Canon EOS 800D offers all of the quality that Canon is known for. The price range for this digital camera is mid-range to high-end.

Main Features of This Model

When you choose this design, you’ll access a sensitive 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor, as well as dual pixel CMOS autofocus. In addition, you’ll love its three-inch touchscreen, which is a vari-angle style with 1.04m dots. Also, this model is equipped with a viewfinder of the Pentamirror type, which offers ninety-five percent coverage at .82x. This camera will record video in high-definition, with sixty pixels of resolution.

This camera is a part of the “triple-digit EOS” collection. It’s a great choice as a higher-end, entry-level digital camera. It’s also a fine option if you’re preparing to make the switch to a better DSLR. The 800D was introduced in 2017. This camera shared a lot of important technical specifications with the Canon 77D. However, it also has a few differences. For example, it features a control scheme which is simplified. This control scheme makes it easy to use, so it’s a great option for those who are first-timers with DLSRs (or novices).

We think that this camera’s sensor is one of its key selling points. As well, we love the image processor in this digital camera. It’s a DIGIC 7 image processor, and represents an advance over previous models in the triple-digit EOS collection. When you select the Canon EOS 800D, you’ll be able to access data processing which is fourteen times faster than what you’d get if you bought the previous model. This is a big jump in performance and something to get excited about. Also, the 800D offers a better maximum burst speed (6fps), versus the 750D and 750D models, which offer only 5fps.

This camera will give you the power to take a lot of images consecutively during burst-style shooting.

Also, this camera’s processor and sensor combination provide impressive native sensitivity. The native sensitivity setting for this design is ISO 25,600. In expanded mode, the native sensitivity setting is ISO 51,200.

Another superb feature is dual pixel autofocus. It will speed up the acquisition of focus when you’re using the Live View mode. Every pixel found on the surface of the sensor will be divided into a couple of photo-diodes. One will be on the left and the other will be on the right. These photo-diodes may be read separately, which means that they may be utilized in order to phase-detect autofocus. This is another improvement which is specific to this model. Other cameras released by Canon before the launch of the EOS 800D didn’t really offer the same excellent autofocus capabilities.

This feature-packed camera provides plenty of bang for the buck. Another reason to like it is its variety of exposure modes. Choose PASM quartet, which is standard and great for seasoned photographers, or go for one of ten Scene modes or Scene Intelligent Auto Mode. How you shoot will be up to you. This camera will give you the choices that you want and need.

Pros and Cons of This Model

This design provides stellar picture quality. As well, its offers fast “live view” autofocus performance. Another advantage of the Canon EOS 800D is that it’s simple to use, thanks to its intuitive design and interface. Also, when compared to many DSLRs, it’s a compact, lightweight choice.

In terms of “cons”, it does cost more than some competing cameras. As well, some people find that this build of this DSLR is a little heavy on plastic.

This Camera Earns Accolades

We love what this camera has to offer and think that it’s an excellent investment. While the build does have a lot of plastic, the camera feels solid and well-made. Also, it’s got all of the features that we want from a high-quality DSLR.