How to select the perfect Nikon DSLR for your needs

Photography is a hobby for many people out there. If you have been a photographer for some time or are new to the hobby and would like to pick some equipment, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what to buy. There are just so many products out there, right? Not only that but some products come with so many settings and features they feel more like miniature computers than cameras. One line of cameras that has great products both for beginners and experts is the Nikon DSLR series. This article is designed to make that choice easier by providing you the information you need to pick the perfect Nikon DSLR for your needs. 

What not to worry about? 

As an amateur, it is easy to worry about the wrong things and not pay attention to the things that matter. Let’s get a few of those out of the way. One thing you probably don’t need to worry about when choosing a new camera is the pixel. Most modern cameras have enough to let you take sharp pictures that you could use for anything from photo frames to full-blown posters. At the extreme end of the scale, it’s often not a good idea to shoot photos at the maximum resolution because you end up with very large files that can be difficult to attach to emails. If you’re new to photography, the last thing you need to buy is a full frame sensor. Instead of wasting money for that, you would probably be better served to invest the money in a new lens. One last thing you probably don’t need to worry about are the video specs. How many people use their cameras to shoot videos? It’s not as easy nor as straightforward as using a mobile phone. A professional who knows what they are doing can shoot plenty of awesome videos on a camera. An amateur will probably have better luck with a mobile phone where most of the decisions have already been made for you 

Choosing the perfect Nikon DSLR 

Now that you know what you don’t need to worry over, let’s help you go over the DSLR selections. 

Cheapest price 

For many of us, the most important factor that determines what we buy is the price. If you’re looking for a great camera that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, your best bet will be the Nikon D3200. If you still want something cheaper than that, the D3100 is your friend. It’s been around for some time so it’s also possible to pick up a refurbished model for a cheaper price. Whatever you do, don’t buy the D3000. It simply didn’t have enough features to make it worthwhile. 

Looking for an upgrade 

Suppose you have been into photography for a while. You have experimented with the various controls on your camera and have probably acquired a few lenses. It’s time to move up but you’re still not willing to spend your life savings just to get a camera. You should consider getting the D7000. It’s the less sophisticated cousin of the D7100 but the upgrades in the D7100 will probably be negligible to the average user. The D7000 has great image quality and you can use it to do HDR shots where your camera takes 3 rapid pictures at different exposure levels. This way you get three slightly different pictures and can choose what works best for you 

Professional photographer 

If you are a serious photographer, you will want a camera that not only takes great pictures but also shoots awesome videos as well The D5200 is the camera for you 

Final note 

Probably the best feature of Nikon is the fact that they have not changed the lens size over the years. So any lenses you have picked up can still be attached to a new camera when you upgrade. Nikon has been making great cameras over the years so there is really no right or wrong choice when it comes to selecting the perfect Nikon DSLR. Take into account your budget and expertise, though. There is no point spending a great deal of money on a high-end camera if all you’re planning to do with it is take pictures of your kids playing in the backyard over the weekend.