Pentax Unveils Two New Rugged Underwater Digital Cameras

Pentax Corporation has been on the forefront in producing compact digital cameras that now represents the latest technologies in the market. One of the models is the Pentax WG-3 which is GPS enabled with a strong built that supports underwater applications. The new flagship has a distinct design with improved performance and tougher standards than the rugged predecessors. The other model with exemplary performance features is the Pentax WG-10. Here is a full breakdown of the two digital handsets.

Pentax WG-3features of Pentax WG-10

The newly designed features incorporated within this model include; the 4x optical zoom, 16 MP backside CMOS-illuminated sensor and class-leading f/2 with maximum aperture. The sensor shift shake reduction feature has also been included in the model for better image quality in dimly lit environments. Some of the rugged features include a shockproof protection of up to 6.6 feet, waterproof depth up to 45 feet, crushproof protection and cold resistance up to 14 degrees F.

Pentax WG-3 can also withstand a massive force of up to 220 pounds without damage/crushing. A GPS navigation feature has been designed for geo-tagging images which also help in identifying places and direction when submerged under water. The optional lens adapter, that comes in a complete package allows for wide angle image coverage; an equivalent of 35mm. This 14th generation digital camera is available in green and purple colors for $349.95 while the orange and black colors are available for $299.95 from Adorama. Both these versions can be pre-ordered from Adorama cameras for exclusive deals.

The 6 LED Macro lights around the lens barrel provide brighter & uniform illumination on the subjects every time you select the Digital Microscope mode. With this feature in place, you can clearly see any magnified view of that microscopic world; especially those you can’t notice with naked eyes. The instant illumination function automatically raises the illumination level of the LED lights at that moment of shutter release. This feature has also been upgraded to minimize the subject and camera shake.

Pentax WG-3 key features:

Image sensor shift-shake reduction feature
• ISO range; 100 to 6400
• 25-100mm f/2 zoom lens ( 35mm equivalent )
• 460K, 3-inch dot LCD monitor
• Twelve digital filters
• Full 720p and 1080p HD video
• Six LED Macro-lights (around lens) for close ups
• Digital level
• Pressure/depth/ altitude gauge on the GPS version

Pentax WG-10

Pentax WG-10, on the other hand, represents the 15th generation type of digital camera. This model packs a lot of features for that exclusive underwater photographic experience. The budget-priced 14MP camera comes in a rugged waterproof built that goes to a depth of 33 feet. It can also operate in frozen environments to a temperature of 14 degrees F. Pentax WG-10 can support a force of up to 220 pounds without crushing, it’s also dustproof. The digital microscope mode lets you keep a keen focus at one centimeter & uses an array of five LED lights that illuminates the close-up subjects.

The 3-inch LCD monitor plays an important role in displaying quality pictures and HD videos with a 16:9 proportions & 460,000 dots. An anti-reflection coating minimizes any unnecessary glare & reflections to ensure a clear on screen and sharp image even under the harsh sunshine. The wide-view design offers such a clear image, approximately 170 degrees both vertically & horizontally. This makes it a great feature, particularly in high and low angle shooting.

In a complete package, the Pentax camera WG-10 comes with a macro photography stand. This model is set to storm the market comes April this year. The pricing is quite accommodative with offers from Adorama at $179.95. The anticipated model comes in red and you can do a pre-order for that immediate shipping.

Key Features

• 14MP sensor
• Digital Shake reduction feature
• 720p HD video
• Twelve digital filters
• High-speed Face detection feature ( with self-portrait mode)

The dependable, heavy duty Pentax Camera WG series has stood the test of time in offering the best series of waterproof cameras in the market. The two models perform brilliantly & dependable in a wide range of demanding outdoor scenes. Underwater photography is one the challenging tasks for most professional photographers due to the optical challenges and magnification distortion. The two digital cameras have been built to withstand all these shortcomings and still maintain to capture the best of underwater images with less natural light.

For the ordinary lenses, water coverage creates a loss of contrast and color due to the low light intensity. Due to this, the warm colors; yellow and red begins to fade and the green and blue colors become dominant. This, however, is not the case for Pentax Camera WG series since the digital level, image shift sensor and 12 digital filters work out to capture everything in their real-time- context.