Top 10 Full Sized Tripods available in the market

Every photographer knows that for clicking shake free and good quality images a tripod stand is necessary. With so many brands and models available in the market it is already quite hard to pick the best tripod and the fact that they all look nearly the same further increases the confusion. It is really hectic and time consuming for pgotographers to learn in detail about tripods and even after that the real life performance is far different than specifications on paper.

This guide provides photographers with the information about best full sized tripods after expert evaluation and testing so that they can select the best one according to their requirements and budget. The list is arranged from the highest price to the lowest one and is not ordered according to rank as all the products are highly full sized tripods

Really Right -Stuff TVC–33 Versa Series- 3 Carbon Fiber -Tripod and BH–55 Ball Head:

The tripod stands made by this company are a class higher than all the others on the market. This carbon fiber full sized tripod is a masterpiece with carbon veneer in diamond pattern, rubber ball feet and twisting locks. The tripod comes along with a ratcheting system to lock the leg angle which frees hands and the CNC milled parts guarantee more durability. With smooth movements, photographers can easily capture mesmerizing panoramas along with the help of panning mark. The two 90 degree cuts further allow the photographers to place the camera vertically.
The BH-55 clamp comes with a screw knob which helps in locking the plate. The legs have load capacity of 50 lbs and can reach up to a height of 62.3 inches.

Gitzo GT2532 -Mountaineer Series 2- Carbon Fiber -Tripod and -GH1382QD -Series 1 Center Ball Head

This tripod stand features carbon eXact legs sporting 8 layers. The center portion is removable in the center tube which enables the camera to capture from amazingly low angles through a lowest height of only 6.3 inches whereas the ball head reaches a height of 69.8 inches on the legs being fully extended along with a support capacity of 31 lbs. The tripod is easy to adjust with tabs for adjusting leg angle being spring loaded and a smooth movement of the ball accompanied with friction knob and panning lock.

FEISOL CT–3472LV Elite Rapid -Carbon Fiber -Tripod with Leveling- Center Column -and CB–40D Ball Head

With 33lb load supporting capacity, this full sized tripod is capable of handling some serious camera weight. The locks for leg angle with three positions are uniquely made by FEISOL. Backed by anti-leg rotation technology the tripod boasts a strong stance. The ball head is also equipped with panning lock and friction adjustment.

Induro CLT203 -Classic Series- 2 Stealth Carbon- Fiber Tripod -and BHM2S- Ball Head

This full sized tripod features a reversible center column after the weight hook has been replaced and also comes with short center column which helps in low angle shooting. The legs are adjustable to three angles whereas a bull’s eye bubble level is also present over the magnesium alloy frame to help photographers in checking the inclination of tripod. The ball head sports a knob for co-axial friction adjustment and a pan-control to make adjustments to the main ball. The tripod can support a load of 30.9 lbs and reach to a height of 67.1 inches.

3 Legged Thing- Equinox Winston -Carbon Fiber- Tripod with AirHed 360 Ball Head

With oval shaped grips which make adjustments easy, this tripod has a unique design. Another feature which makes it stand out is the secondary locking system for leg locks which does not allow the tripod to dissemble accidently while retracting or extracting. The legs are foldable in an inverted position which is rarely seen in full sized tripods making it easy to store. A leg is also detachable and can serve different purposes by becoming a selfie stick or monopod. With a load bearing capacity of 88.2 lbs and a max height of 76.9 inches this tripod brings serious competition to others.

Benro -TAD37C Series -3 Adventure Carbon- Fiber Tripod -and V2T -Triple Action -Ball Head

The flip locks flaunted by this full sized tripod make it really smooth to operate. Center column is attached through wingnut collar and the leg also has a bull’s eye bubble level located on chassis. The max height achievable by this tripod is 67.7 inches and it sports load capacity at 26.5 lbs.

Oben CC–2381 Carbon Fiber -Tripod with -BE–126 Ball Head

This tripod features flip locks for legs and a brilliant center column with great versatility which allows inverted shooting along with low angle shooting when split in two. The legs are adjustable at 24, 55 and 80 degrees and have retractable rubber feet in case the photographer needs to mount the camera on soft ground.

Manfrotto -MT055XPRO3 Aluminum Fiber- Tripod with MHXPRO–3W 3–Way Pan/Tilt Head Kit

Offering a breathtaking maximum height of 72 inches this full sized tripod stand has some truly unique features. Legs can be adjusted at four different angles comfortably and flip locks are hinged at 1/3 distance instead of being located at the end which allows the photographer actuate them easily. Center column is extensible and can rotate to 90 degree for placing the camera vertically. The 3/8”-16 access thread is capable of mounting various accessories on the unit’s side.

Silk Pro- 700DX AMT -Tripod with 3–Way Pan–and–Tilt Head

With a maximum attainable height of 74.8 inches, this is amongst the tallest full sized tripods available. The blended metal combination of aluminum, magnesium and titanium used for making the tripod gives it 40 percent more strength than the conventional aluminum tripods. The center column sports a dual lock system to prevent accidental rotation and is also capable of being shortened to allow low angle shooting. This tripod also boasts riveted flip locks which do not loosen over time as compared to the conventional flip locks with hex bolts.

Oben AC–1361 3–Section Aluminum -Tripod with BA–117 Ball Head

This full sized tripod stand has been included in the list due to its extensive versatility. The telescoping center column is completely removable. The BA-117 head is directly attachable to the chassis and allows great low angle shooting with enhanced stability. The removable gear hook situated at bottom allows the column to be reversed for extremely low angle shooting. The tripod also brags unique quick release plates and a safety lock which stops them from being released accidentally. The head can be rotated to 90 degrees and the tripod can extend to a height of 67.5 inches