What Makes Waterproof Cameras Waterproof?

The future is so unpredictable. You never know if the expensive camera you have tried so much to include in your budget will drop in water at the time when you are having a good time taking photos. Maybe you can also accidentally drop your camera in water. What happens then? The good news is that with waterproof cameras, you will never worry about such accidents. 

Other than protecting against accidents of dropping in water, these cameras are quite good for adventurous people. On vacations, nice photos including under water can be easily taken. We may have the notion that possessing such a camera expensive. Worry not, manufacturers are working hard and with research, lower priced and good quality waterproof cameras are being made. 

So what are the things that make it waterproof and a nice camera?

Camera housing- We know water and electronics are good enemies. You cannot allow them to mix since water will damage your device. The housing of this camera makes it distinctive from regular digital camera. Manufacturers have designed it in such a way that it is airtight and cannot allow water to seep through. Well, you may say that you can alternatively buy a waterproof housing for your digital camera. This is not a bad idea, but having a waterproof camera with a factory- made housing is much better and offers more protection as there is a very minimal chance of water seepage.

Rubber Seals- They are put around the opening parts, they properly seal against water as well dirt e.g. dust.

Lens Thickness- The thickness of the lens is very important for the making of a waterproof camera. The thickness is larger than regular digital camera. Under water, pressure tends to increase the deeper you go. This means the chance of the lens shattering is higher when you go deeper. It is advisable you check for the allowed depth for the specific waterproof camera you want to purchase. This is quite vital especially if you are considering deep sea diving.

Theme- Just like other digital cameras, these cameras comes with themes. You can take an impressive shot using the installed camera settings. Since it is mainly for under water, you may find themes such as fish portraits.

With waterproof cameras you have the advantage of taking nice shots on land as well as under water. These cameras are durable and can last many drops without spoiling unlike recent tech products like smartphones that can easily crack when dropped. Best waterproof cameras can withstand a fall up to 7 feet. All of the waterproof cameras cannot float, thus some have wrist-wraps while others do not. Due to this, it is advisable to have a firm grip on the camera while under water especially those without wrist wraps.

Like any other electronic device, one has to consider certain important features before purchasing this camera. The cameras come in different options and features. One has to look on the resolution, shutter speed, picture effects, but the most important feature is the ability of the camera to shoot a video. The video could either be 1080p or 720p. Most of the waterproof cameras have a video resolution of 1080p, which clearly tells how good the video quality is. Other new additional features include Wi-Fi connectivity as well as GPS tagging.

Nothing can be quite disturbing like having a good device that can shortly bring an end to a good moment. Here, I am talking about battery life and storage. Imagine seeing a notification of low battery or storage full when you have just found that one chance to take that wonderful shot? Most of these cameras has rechargeable Li-on battery that can take over 300 shots before the charge is fully drained. They have just enough internal storage with an option of expanding the storage by inserting an SD card.

Waterproof cameras are light, with most weighing less than half a pound. It is recommended to carry light and small cameras for outdoor activities but heavy and large cameras for underwater photography.

Many of these cameras from different manufacturers are now on the market. With testing and reviews, we have been able to come up with the best waterproof cameras. Topping the list is Nikon Coolpix AW130. This model has a depth rating of about 100 feet. Its depth rating is better than its counterparts. It takes full HD 1080p video that also includes audio recording. The battery life is long and it has the additional feature of Wi-Fi connectivity. Also amongst the best are Olympus TG-4 and Olympus TG-870 with both having depth rating of 50 feet.