What You Need to Know About Underwater Digital Cameras

Capturing the hypnotic beauty of the underwater world will be easier when you treat yourself to a high-quality underwater digital camera. There are plenty of underwater digital cameras available. Learning more about these types of cameras will make it easier for you to choose one which is perfect for your needs and budget. Today, we’d like to help by sharing tons of important facts.

Basic Facts to Consider

There’s no perfect digital underwater camera for everyone. They come at different price points, with different features. For example, what’s best for a National Geographic photographer isn’t going to be the same as what’s best for a hobbyist photographer who wants to capture underwater vistas while on holiday. Luckily, today’s manufacturers offer a range of choices. There are options for all types of photographers at all skill levels.

Now, we’d like to share some important facts about underwater digital cameras…

We’d like to begin by letting you know that there are a few styles which work at depths of fifty feet underwater or less. As well, a company called SeaLife makes cameras which are just for underwater photographers. The SeaLife styles are quite specialized and they are often purchased by pros who use these cameras for a living.

Most people go for waterproof housings which fit their “out of the water” digital cameras. In other words, they don’t buy underwater cameras. They buy housings for typical digital cameras.

If you want to take pictures under the sea, you will have to buy a housing which is waterproof and which is designed to fit your existing digital camera. Many housings are made by camera manufacturers specifically to fit certain models. However, the majority of housings are made by 3rd party companies. If you want to buy an underwater camera, rather than a housing alone, you’ll typically buy a kit which includes a digital camera and waterproof housing.

So, you’ll need to decide if you want housing or a new camera which comes with housing. It’s really up to you!

When it comes to choosing housing and a camera together, your needs and wants should dictate your choice. If you want photographs which look really professional, you’ll need to find a system with all of the right features. Bear in mind that some digital camera features aren’t that useful while taking images underwater. So, let’s talk about what you should look for while you’re shopping around.

Should You Buy a dSLR or a Compact?

At present, the three mains styles of digital cameras are dSLRs, mirrorless cameras and compact cameras.

A compact underwater camera will provide basic performance. However, a lot of people who use these cameras underwater want more than basic performance, so they make the decision to move up to dSLR or mirrorless cameras. When they do, they gain access to more features which lead to better shots. For example, optics for dSLR and mirrorless cameras will be superior and many focal lengths will be available. Also, the sensors on dSLR and mirrorless cameras will be bigger…and bigger sensors promote premium image quality. As well, shutter lag and focus delays will be minimized. These “pros” are major!

A compact camera will have a single lens which is affixed to the camera. With a mirrorless or dSLR, it’s possible to attach a variety of lenses in order to get different effects and customized results.

Top Three Underwater Digital Cameras

There are tons of compact, mirrorless and dSLR cameras out there in the marketplace. To help you narrow the field, we’d like to suggest one top-performing model which is beloved by amateur and pro photographers.

Consider the Olympus TG-5

This compact underwater camera is known for its ruggedness. It’s built with care and it will take whatever you dish out. It”s also comfortable to hold and use, despite its chunky design. It’s been designed with ergonomics in mind, so you’ll find that taking great shots underwater is very easy on your body. As well, we like this camera’s controls. They are in logical places and simple to use and understand.

The pixel count for this model is 12MP and this model comes with a field sensor system which is built-in. The field sensor system includes a compass, a pressure meter, a GPS sensor and a temperature sensor. You may take 4K video at thirty pixels or higher with this tough and versatile underwater digital camera.

If you want something with a mid-range price tag, rather than shelling out for an expensive mirrorless or dSLR design, the TG-5 will deliver five star performance in the water.

Shop for an Underwater Digital Camera Today

Now that you know some important facts about these types of cameras, as well as one impressive design which features a great camera and ultra-rugged housing, why not shop for an underwater digital camera today?